Children are the most creative being on earth. At Vatsalya we provide channels for that creativity to blossom. Every day is an opportunity to be creative and productive. In Vatsalya – Canvas is our mind, the brushes and colors are our thoughts and feeling the panorama is our story, the complete picture is a work of art called "Our Children Life". We know what we put today on the canvas of our children's today, matters for their future life. The Director goal of intervention at Vatsalya Special School is to create children who are capable of doing new things under the influence of their disabilities.
Aims of Vatsalya Special School
  • To impart education and training to special children
  • To provide children with adequate communication and social skills to express their needs and conducts themselves appropriately in society.
  • To give therapies to special children to improve or maintain their physical conditions.
  • To train children in the activities of daily living, up to train activity, enabling them to attain a level of functional independently.
  • To modify behavior when necessary.
  • To provide adequate emotional support to the parents and their families.
  • To provide meaningful leisure time activities for special Children.
  • To encourage and develop special talents in music and art and provide opportunities to display these talents.
  • To educate and train artistic children in all areas so that they grow into well adjusted adults and become contributing members of society.


Vatsalya school students participated in International Inspirations launched on 21st January 2008 Conducted by British Council at Delhi University Ground, 10 student from our school participated in the program that aims at the twin objective of sport development and development of students.  Our Mission is to prepare them for mainstream education and make them self independent.

Our student participated in National Skating race Competition conducted by Spacial Olympic Bharat at Secundarabad ( A.P.) in Sep. 2012 & secured 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Vatsalya school students participate regularly in various cultural events like Dance, Fashion Show, Art & Craft, Music etc. Mod'Art International, a Parisian Fashion School organized a fashion show, where our school students performed a small dance event in 2010.